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Gates On the Fly
A Practical Way to Do Netlist ECO

V6.2 Released On Jul/18/2018


Gate Level Netlist ECO Solutions


Pushing Button

GOF helps front engineers to speed up pre-mask and post-mask ECO, highly increase the productivity.


Time to Market

GOF supports Metal Only ECO, greatly improves the ECO turn-around, shortens the re-tapeout and production cycle.


Lower Cost

GOF implements complicated functional ECO which is normally impossible done manually, so that the expensive Full-Layer tapeout can be avoided.


Quick Decision

GOF assesses the possibility of ECO for the top management to make a quick decision.

ECO Flow

Functional ECO Solutions

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Our Strength
  • Automatic ECO
  • Mixed Auto ECO and Manual ECO
  • Incremental Schematic
  • Logic Equivalence Check
  • Rich API Functions
  • Perl Syntax Compatible
  • Integrated Layout Viewer
  • Practical ECO From Engineers' Angle
  • Customer Centralized Technical Support
  • Steady Tool Performance Improvement


  Gates On the FlyCadence Conformal ECOSynopsys Formality Ultra 
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What People Say

GOF is the best ECO tool I have ever used. It's very easy to start with, and I can start to use it in my project in several minutes. The Automatic ECO feature is pretty fool-proof which fits for the most of our ECO cases and the tool's other ECO features, script/GUI modes, can take care of the rest. GOF has greatly improves our project turn-around time. The most appreciated part is the supports from NanDigits Design Automation, when we have any issues in using the tool, we can get prompt supports from NanDigits and the issues get resolved quickly. I trust GOF and I trust NanDigits Design Automation.

---- Chen Feng, ASIC Design Engineer in Shanghai Newvision Microelectronics Inc.

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Gates On the Fly 6.2

Released on Jul 18 2018


  • Bug fix in Reference port clone in Parallel Processing
  • Optimized processing speed
  • Added feature to detect Flip-Flop phase inversion