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GOF is a professional ECO software popularly used in the industry today. We have found that its ECO process is very concise and efficient, with both command-line automated ECO and DFT checks, as well as manual ECO available in the graphical interface. Our project involves performing manual ECO first, followed by automated ECO, and finally manual fine-tuning to complete it. Compared to other software, its flexibility, professionalism, and ease of use are very prominent. Another outstanding feature of GOF is its excellent technical support, with fast service response and in-depth technical discussions that other major companies cannot compare with. With GOF's outstanding performance and service, we believe that it will surely have a place in the highly competitive EDA software industry for chip design.

---- Vincent Huang Technical Director in Steadichips Co., Ltd. Wuxi China

I recently faced a challenging netlist ECO that involved multiple complex changes. I had tried several ECO tools, but all of them failed to achieve netlist equivalence and couldn't identify the root cause of the discrepancies. Frustrated and running out of options, I decided to switch to GOF ECO.

The results were impressive. With GOF ECO's automatic ECO feature, I was able to make the necessary changes seamlessly. The tool's precision ensured that the netlist remained equivalent, something other tools couldn't manage. Additionally, the comprehensive debug features of GOF Debug allowed me to pinpoint and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to GOF ECO and GOF Debug, I successfully completed the ECO and passed the equivalence checker with ease. This toolset has proven to be an invaluable asset for tackling even the most complicated netlist ECO tasks.

---- Anonymous Engineer in A Startup

GOF has amazingly packed all comprehensive functional ECO features into several megabytes application. It's very easy to pick up and doesn't require any complicated configuration and script. Functional ECO can be run by a very simple script. It saves lots of previous time of IC design engineers. NanDigits has very fast response in technical support. Both bug fix and new feature can be done in very fast turn around, which even some big EDA companies can't compete with.

---- Mr. Li YJ Technical Director in An IC Design Company in Wuhan China

GOF is the best ECO tool I have ever used. It's very easy to start with, and I can start to use it in my project in several minutes. The Automatic ECO feature is pretty fool-proof which fits for the most of our ECO cases and the tool's other ECO features, script/GUI modes, can take care of the rest. GOF has greatly improves our project turn-around time. The most appreciated part is the supports from NanDigits Design Automation, when we have any issues in using the tool, we can get prompt supports from NanDigits and the issues get resolved quickly. I trust GOF and I trust NanDigits Design Automation.

---- Chen Feng Digital Design Manager in Shanghai Newvision Microelectronics Inc.

Gates On the Fly is years ahead of any other tool in the market for massaging netlists, regardless what the reason is. Here are just a few things this tool can do very intuitively. For those of silicon design community out there, this tool can give you phenomenal relief in your ability to get to tapeout without using compromised solutions just due to the awkwardness of the existing tools that handle netlist issues. If you took couple of hours to learn existing tools, you will learn GOF within a few minutes , that is how intuitive this tool comes across as. We are glad such a tool exists and it is integral part of our design flow.

---- Satsheel Altekar Director of Engineering in Applied Micro

We work with very large SOC chips with multi-million gates. GOF has allowed us to surgically perform ECOs to fix timing and functional errors and get chip out faster.

---- Ramana Rao Director of Engineering in Nethra Imaging

We used the tool for doing ECO, either before tapeout when we see last minute problem, or after tapeout if we want to do some silicon fixes. We have developed scripts using GOF API to read timing report so we can automatically insert delays into some paths to increase the hold margin. Sometimes I used it as a netlist visualization tool to analyze the logic and gate connection and manually do some changes by inserting and deleting gates. I truly like the tool. Good Software and good support.

---- Kan Chu Project Lead of Digital ASIC Design in Kionix Inc.

I am an early adopter of GOF and have always been impressed with the intuitive ease of use, functionality and stability.The support is stellar -always nice to work with a smaller company but NanDigits is phenomenal: When I suggested a nice-to-have feature they turned it around in less than two weeks! I use it for ECOs as well as incidental gate-level analysis during STA and gate-level simulation, etc. and haven't even tapped in to all the features. I am so pleased that support for this outstanding tool continues.

---- Thomas C. Jones ASIC Architect in Echelon Corporation

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