A Practical Way to Do Netlist ECO & Debug

Gates On the Fly, Schematic Placement view on layout

When a circuit is drawn on schematic, it is meaningful to view the instances and connections on layout. Gates On the Fly provides this support by LayoutViewer and GofTrace Partial Schematic.

The steps to do circuit layout view:

  • Start up GOF with DEF/LEF loaded 'gof -lib tsmc40.lib netlist.v -def design.def -lef lib.lef'
  • Launch netlist to schematic converter GofTrace
  • When the partial schematic is ready, press 'Ctrl-a' to select the whole circuit
  • Use Menu GofTrace->Commands->'View Gates in Layout' to launch LayoutViewer window
  • The circuit is shown on the layout by colored lines and dots

Figure 1 Partial Schematic after netlist to schematic conversion

Figure 2 Layoutviewer with marked instances and connections

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