A Practical Way to Do Netlist ECO & Debug

Design Statistic

  • The Statistic function is to report leaf cells and sub-modules in the design.
  • On the hierarchical window, choose one instance(module) item.
  • Click Mouse-Right-Button to pop up menu.
  • Select 'Statistic of the design'.

  • Design Statistic window pops up.

  • The top line indicates which module has been selected.
  • You can click on hierarchical window any time to change the module.

  • The second line is for Leaf Cells or Sub-modules report selections.
  • If Leaf Cells option is selected, you can choose to report all leaf cells or the leaf cell you have interest at the third line.
  • The below window is reporting all leaf cells.

  • You can choose to report any cell name having string 'SDFF' or 'AOI33' inside.
  • It is useful when you want to report some special cells like FlipFlop or Complex cell like AOI33...

  • The below window shows the cells matching SDFF and AOI33.

  • Choose to report sub-modules.

  • The below window reports all sub-modules in TM_qcif module.

  • The other way to pop up Design Statistic window.



Please read Use Cases for all use cases.

For other usages and flows, check Online Manual for more detail


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